Latin Translation help? asap!! please?

Question by stef: Latin Translation help? asap!! please?
Romani in provinciis multas vias aedificabant. In viis sunt multi populi: agricolae carris frumentum portant; familiae ad templa (to the temples) ambulant; et pueri ad ludum ambulant. Magistri discipulis vocant, “Discipuli, maturate!”

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Answer by skm4usa
The Romans were building many roads in the provinces. Many people are in the roads/streets: farmers carry corn/grain in four-wheeled carriages, families walk to the temples, and the boys walk to school. The schoolmasters call to the students, “Hurry, pupils!”

It’s been a while since I’ve done Latin, but that should give you a good idea. Hope that helps!

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is my latin right? i just need a little feedback :)?

Question by Laura: is my latin right? i just need a little feedback :)?
1. Familia servum bonum amat.
The family loves good slaves.

2. Puellae bonae magnos equos laudabant.
They praised the girl’s great good horses.

3. Multi servi et multae puellae sunt amici boni.
Many slaves and many girls are good friends.

4. Agricolae Romani multos carros parant.
Roman Farmers prepare many carts.

5. Magni equi multas copias ad casam portabunt.
Large horses will bring many troops home.

I just want to check if my hw is right :) let me know if its not please!

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Answer by .
1.) servos bonos not servum bonum (Forgot to pluralize it)

2.) bonos magnos equos not bonae magnos equos (the horses are good, masc & plural)

3.) Looks a-okay.

4.) Looks a-okay.

5.) Re-check “multas copias” (I forgot what “copias” means)

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